• New rotary year


    July 2015

  • RI Membership & Extension Month


    August 2015

  • RI Basic Education and Literacy Month


    September 2015

  • RI Economic and Community Development Month


    October 2015

  • RI Foundation Month


    November 2015

  • RI Disease Prevention and Treatment Month


    December 2015

  • RI Vocational Service Month


    January 2016

  • RI Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month


    February 2016

  • RI Water and Sanitation Month


    March 2015

  • RI Maternal and Child Health Month


    April 2016

  • RI Youth Service Month


    May 2016

  • RI Fellowship Month


    June 2016

Discover the Benefits

Discover the Benefits

Membership has its own rewards: friendship, community involvement, and a sense of purpose. Explore more benefits of joining a Rotary club.

Attend the Convention

Attend the Convention

Share your passion for Rotary and doing good in the world 28 May – 1 June 2016 in Seoul, Korea.

Support Rotary

Support Rotary

You can make a difference! Find a project that needs your help and join in.

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Join Leaders

Join our community of leaders to exchange ideas and take action at home and around the world.Locate the nearest club

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District Structure

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District Structure Rotary is made up of three parts: at the heart of Rotary are our clubs, who are s READ MORE